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Trusting God in a Time of Crisis (Luke 17:20-25)

Life can be hard these days as people are confined to their homes, worried about the Coronavirus or even getting groceries. But trials and suffering have always ben part of our human existence. In the Church Family Fellowship’s first virtual service, Pastor Lenny explores...
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Breaking Down Barriers by Blowing up Icons

Learn how Jesus creates a paradigm  shift in his own hometown by shattering their expectations of him, their expectations of God’s grace, and their expectations of justice. Passage: Luke 4:14-30
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When the Remake is Better than the Original

Understanding the temptations of Jesus helps us better understand his role as both the second Adam and the second Israel. We can also glean for his temptations why we are tempted and how we can better handle the temptations that come our way. Passage: Luke 4:-13
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