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To Kill A King: Judas’ Betrayal vs. Peter’s Denial Part 1

Posted on 27 Sep 2020, Pastor: Tom Thomazin

Luke 22:47-62  Pastor Tom continues with the 4th sermon in his new mini series out of the gospel of Luke chapter 22, called “To Kill a King: Judas’ Betrayal vs Peter’s Denial” – Part 1. In today’s sermon we will see that there is a Crisscross pattern of Contrasts & Comparisons within these 16 verses that are divided in half and then placed side by side, giving us both a straight across Contrast and Comparison along with a downward resolution to our Contrast and Comparison here.

We observe the destructiveness of sin and the damage it can have in our lives, whether we are Followers of Christ, or if we are Enemies of Him, as we examine Luke 22:47-62 and witness Judas’ Betrayal vs Peter’s Denial – Part 1.