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To Kill a King: Prediction vs. Prayer-paration

Posted on 20 Sep 2020, Pastor: Tom Thomazin

This Sunday (9-20-20) Pastor Tom continues with the 3rd sermon in his new mini series out of the gospel of Luke chapter 22, called “To Kill a King: Prediction vs Prayer-paration”. In today’s sermon we will see even more amazing action as we watch “the triple traffic light” play of Contrasts and Comparisons from our passage of scripture. We will view the things that take place before the final playoffs between the forces of good and evil, as the main event that changes all of History unfolds.

Once again in these final moments of Jesus’ life we find Him preparing His Disciples for what is to come next. “But the issue that the disciples faced that night at the supper, if Jesus was right and if Luke is right, was the most important of all time. This was to be the turning-point of history, and they simply weren’t ready for it.” (N.T. Wright) As we shall see in Luke 22:31-46 in “To Kill a King: Prediction vs Prayer-paration”.