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To Kill A King: Savior’s Supper vs Greatness Goals

Posted on 13 Sep 2020, Pastor: Tom Thomazin

Pastor Tom continues with the 2nd sermon in his new mini series out of the gospel of Luke chapter 22, called “To Kill a King: A Contrast & Comparison”. In today’s sermon we will find great insight into 4 segments of Contrasts & Comparisons by way of a mirrored reflection as we view these 16 verses, sandwiched between them is a two-step Passover Conversion to Communion that we will uncover as well.

In these final moments of Jesus’ life we will see how He prepares His Disciples for what is to come next and, once again, showing them how they and we both should live our lives in light of how He lives, as we read on in Luke 22:14-30 in “To Kill a King: The Savior’s Supper vs Greatness Goals”.