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Vision For the Future of The Church Family Fellowship

Posted on 03 Jan 2021, Pastor: Lenny Esposito, Tom Thomazin, Ray Leblond, Tony Zapico

Back in January of 2018 was when we first shared about a vision for a new church plant called The Church Family Fellowship, which was NOT going to be your typical church. Now, some two years later, we have grown into a Church Family who regularly Fellowships on a weekly basis for worship and time in God’s Word, and on a monthly basis for Communion. We are doing this by God’s Grace as a growing body of Christ, with regular activities and fellowship times as well, all with a Common Vision and Mission Statement in mind.  Therefore our sermon today will be hearing from each of our Elders as they share with you how we believe God is calling us to accomplish our Vision and Mission Statement in 2021.