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The Significance of Baptism
Pastor Lenny speaks about The Significance of Baptism and its importance to the Church Family. Learn about its history within the bible and the promise it represents.
The Significance of Baptism
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    Baptism is one of two ordinances Jesus gave when establishing his church. It is, therefore, as old as the faith itself and every Christian is commanded to be baptized.  But before someone is baptized, it is important for him or her to understand all it means. In this video, you will learn that baptism does at least three things:

    • Provides a public profession of an internal trust in Jesus
    • Joins the new believer to the family of God
    • Symbolizes physically what has happened spiritually for those who follow Jesus

    As you begin to take this exciting step in your walk of faith, we pray you will better understand this deep commitment you are about to take.  After this video is completed, you will be asked to answer three simple questions to reassure yourself that you understand this holy sacrament of Christianity.